Podcasts with CX leaders across emerging economies

What role does Culture and Psychology play in building better Customer Experience?

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Global VP of Marketing, Formica Group talks Marketing, Digital Transformation & worktops

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Sunny talks about Pierce Brosnan, marketing lipsticks to private jets and how she has built her career in the Middle East

Sumit talks about technology in emerging economies, cultural learnings & digital immigrants

Hussein discusses his early career, how his incredible entrepreneurial spirit has shaped him and his career as well as some excellent anecdotes on his digital and customer experience challenges and wins.

Piyush Chowhan, Group CIO LuLu Group International discussing retail transformation, changing consumer trends and how Covid has been a catalyst for digital transformation in industries like retail.

About The CX4CA Show

The CX4CA podcast is one of a few podcasts that focusses on talking about Customer Experience and Digital Transformation in the emerging economies. We aim to bring guests from across all industries and brands to talk about their experiences with Customer Experience across the Middle East, Africa and India. In each episode, we will aim to extract real-world examples as well as touch on anectodes related to specific industries based on the guest. CX4CA translates to 'Customer Experience 4 Competitive Advantage' and we hope to empower our listeners with the experience of our guest speakers in the hope to help marketers and digital teams build better customer experiences.

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