Piyush Chowhan, Group CIO LuLu Group International discussing retail transformation, changing consumer trends and how Covid has been a catalyst for digital transformation in industries like retail.

Piyush Chowhan, Group Chief Information Officer | Advisor | Mentor | Digital | Retail

About Piyush Chowhan
Piyush Chowhan | Group Chief Information Officer | Lulu Group | Advisor | Mentor | Digital | Retail

Piyush Chowhan is a digital evangelist with a passion for transforming businesses with the use of technology. With over two decades of experience working with global consumer and retail companies, he has an excellent track record of delivering results and creating value across organizations.

His vision is creating innovation-focused digital strategies to maximize today’s opportunities and prepare organizations for future disruptions. His passion for working with startups and innovation-led companies has given him the edge to create digital assets for organizations with the use of the latest technologies like Analytics, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. He has been a widely recognized leader in digital transformation and has been a much-wanted speaker at over 100 global events. He is an avid writer and his thought leadership is published in multiple magazines and portals.

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